We eagerly accept new patients of all ages. Whether you come to us for a routine checkup and cleaning, a dental emergency or restorative work, we look forward to you joining our practice family. Extended hours and emergency appointments are also available for your convenience. Our practice works with most dental insurance programs. Financing plans are also available.

First Impressions
Your initial contact with us is seamless and our front desk staff friendly. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we will do our best to get you in when it’s most convenient for you. We’ll also inform you about any specials that we’re running. Our generous practice goes the extra mile to give you something to smile about.

Upon arrival, relax in our clean and attractive waiting room. When we’re ready for you, we’ll bring you back to one of our rooms and let you get comfortable. Once seated, we will ask you about any concerns or problems that you have with your mouth and any past ones. We openly welcome your questions! Dr.Naik conduct a thorough visual examination, discuss your mouth’s overall health, and explain any concerns that may need further attention.

Checking Out
Upon checking out, we advise you of when your next visit is and give you the option to schedule that appointment. If you choose not to then, that is fine; we will simply contact you to remind you when it’s time. Don’t forget to take one of our business cards on your way out!